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Against The Odds Album

Discerning jazz fans searching for something new to get jazzed about no doubt will find it in international recording artist Reggie Codrington’s recently completed 11th masterpiece titled “Against the Odds”; his first project after signing to the M.A.N.D.A.T.E. Records, Inc. label in 2017. Reggie’s masterful blend of smooth jazz, old school soul, and elements of contemporary funk is nothing short of brilliant.

As with any jazz legend in the making, Reggie’s musical flavor introduces listeners to his journey and the story behind his music. Ultimately they are led to conclude that he is one of the most masterful and highly requested jazz artists on the scene today. Download his newest project “Against the Odds” on all digital outlets or at



Always In Motion Album

Over the last few years, Reggie Codrington re-released the two albums, which started it all for him back in the early 90s, Never Let You Go and Enchanting. Listening to these, you get a sense that the melodic soul and passion were always there – yet it’s also exciting to track the way his artistry has grown over the past 25 years as the saxophonist has diversified stylistically.


With NILS' as his new producer, he’s pushing the envelope even further and creating music that’s fresher, funkier and more explosive than ever. With this new album, just as you’re feeling cool and laid back, there’s a moment where it seems like anything can happen – and usually does! It’s great to see Reggie Always in Motion! – Jonathan Widran, Music Journalist

“Versatile smooth jazz saxophonist Reggie Codrington hits a milestone with his 10th CD, "Always in Motion", a fitting title that tells the world he has no plans of slowing down. Codrington, who commands the soprano sax with verve, drawing comparisons with such icons as Grover Washington Jr. and Kenny G, is joined by Jeff Lorber and the late Ricky Lawson, whose skillful drumming is always a welcome addition. The ten track set is produced by guitarist Nils who also composed much of the vibrant material with Reggie co-writing several tracks. The first single, “LA Nights”, kicks off with mournful sax lines that transition smoothly to midtempo grooves, sublimely capturing the many moods of the soulful saxman. Track after track, Reggie Codrington delivers the goods, once again. – Brian Soergel, Jazz Journalist


“Three years ago, I reviewed here Reggie’s "Vicarious Experience" album, and now he’s back in the game with his 10th release, this time produced by Nils. Nils wrote most of the songs, some in collaboration with Reggie. The album opens up with ‘Party Time’, and it’s a feel good track with some smooth sax playing on top of a funky base. The single ‘LA Nights’ is a dreamy, after hours tune, in mid-tempo setting. On the sweet ballad ‘Out on the Road’ you can hear Clydene Jackson, who also plays the keys. And the late Ricky Lawson handled the drums. And on ‘You Can’t Stop Me’ you get the urge to dance your troubles away. After that, ‘Take It Slow’ is again a sweet track, followed by the jazzy & funky ‘Funky 21’, with Jeff Lorber on keyboards. ‘Baja California’ is again a sweet drive along the coastline, while ‘Alley Cat’ swings softly. Romance is on the order with ‘The Way You Move Me’, a mid-tempo track. ‘Keep Me Close’ closes the album in romantic atmosphere. Reggie has proven again that he masters different moods, from funky, to danceable, and ending with romantic. His versatility stands out, and I strongly recommend it.” – Patrick Van de Wiele,


“There’s a little something for everyone here. There are tunes like the funky high-steppin’ lead track “Party Time,” featuring Nils, and the revved up jazziness of “Funky 21” featuring Lorber (of course), as well as sweet, mellow, and melodic tracks like “LA Nights” again featuring Nils (who, by the way, appears many more times here and is the producer of this fine work), “Out On the Road,” and “Baja California offer a potpourri of good vibes here. Not one to miss.” – Ronald Jackson, The Smooth Jazz Ride


Vicarious Experience Album

“One listen to the high energy, beautifully arranged, slickly produced and super melodic and rhythmic "Vicarious Experience" is all it takes to hear that Codrington’s a major player with a great deal to add to the urban jazz genre. His joyous funky spirit infuses every note and invites the listener into a musical realm where romance is perfectly balanced by dance and groovability. Hearing Vicarious Experience will make everyone want to check out Codrington’s back catalog and see what we’ve all been missing. No doubt it’s a lot, and with any luck, that will change with the release of this recording, one of the best indie collections of the year.” – Jonathan Widran, All Music


“Smooth jazz doesn’t get much more intoxicating than that offered by Reggie Codrington, a North Carolina native whose sax lines have drawn comparisons to Grover Washington Jr. You could add Kim Waters, too, and like Waters, Codrington has mastered a skill many other fail to: making accessible instrumental music that’s also musically interesting. Even on his uptempo numbers, like “Divided Attention” and “Getting to Know You,” Codrington goes forth with laid back sax lines, peppy bursts alternating with elongated notes that can change tempo and direction all in one breath. He’s under control, in other words, and that assuredness makes for a great listening experience on Vicarious Experience, his ninth CD. What makes Codrington’s skills so special is that he was born with a palsy condition that affects his muscle coordination. Music eventually became a heaven-sent outlet for Reggie who had nine surgeries by age 13. He surely has an inspirational story and his music is.” – Brian Soergel

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